Hand Picked Lobster Tails

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For when you only need the lobster tail. 

The lobster tails come mainly from lobsters with either one claw or no claws, they aren't any less tasty, it means that we can't sell them as whole lobsters, so we carefully cook and pick the meat here at the fishery! Packed in 250g bags, there are three or five tails in each bag depending on the size of the lobster. The lobster tails are then vacuum packed for freshness and frozen. 

Best of all you can be reassured that the lobster you will be eating is responsibly sourced, carefully harvested and delivered fresh to us by lobstermen who we consider to be our friends. Furthermore we put the same care and attention into cooking and picking the meat from your lobster as you would at home. Fresh, tasty and convenient – and delivered to your door.

As this is a frozen product and it may have defrosted by the time it arrives, we recommend that you keep the lobster tails in the fridge and it is best eaten within three days.

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